Tree Surgeon Wicklow

Your very welcome to our site and before confuse you, Dublin Tree Surgeon’s cover Dublin and all of Co Wicklow so if you would like a quote, give Cormac a ring at the number above and we’ll be happy to quote you.

We cover all the main services a tree surgeon needs to complete from Trimming, Pruning, Cutting and Removal as well as stump grinding and any other jobs that you require, we cover it all.

Give us a call now and we usually come out to quote you but if you have a picture and just want a quick quote, we can do that as well, simply call Cormac and we can organise to get you a fast quote, which will give you an approximate on what it will cost.  Our preference is to come out to you to give a professional assessment and and accurate quote.

The job of a tree surgeon is very broad from health and assessments to cutting, trimming and removal, no matter what your job is and what the challenge is and you need an assessment or quote, give us a call here so we can give you our best quote.

Tree Surgeon Wicklow Cost

Your probably wondering how much is it going to cost and this is a perfectly reasonable question, as all jobs are different and they are alot of factors to take into consideration, for average costs go here to our cost page this will have you an average cost details.  We usually can give you a quote in 24-48 hours again depending on the day of the week that you contact us, sometimes we can get to you that day if you call us early.

Give Cormac a call now and well get you a quote and assess your job and give you our professional opinion free of charge.  Call us on the number above.  We’re fully insured and certified and well established in the arboriculture business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We’ve used Dublin Tree Surgeons for manage some of our overgrown trees at the side of our house.  We needed to cut back so they would damage the house in the coming years and I must say, it’s a relief to have it done and taken care of, we put it off for long enough.  Highly recommend these guys and consider it very good value for money.



Business Owner - Carpet Cleaners Dublin

John Falvey

A short word of recommendation for Dublin Tree Surgeon, we had a limb leaning over a garage that would have caused us potential damage and large costs to our neighbor and these guys took care of it effortlessly, thank you and appreciate going easy on us.

John Falvey Dublin

Business owner