Trimming and Pruning

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All trees require trimming and pruning in order to prevent them becoming overgrown and hazardous or even simply out of control.  Nature has its own way of managing such overgrowth but sometimes it becomes necessary to do it in order to keep trees manageable while enjoying their beauty and protection. 

Some owners can be slow to prune their trees and tend to leave them until they become increasingly more difficult to manage.  All trees including ornamental trees need pruning and in order to end up with a better managed and better-presented tree, it can be in your interest to do this without hesitation.  Its up to you how you want your trees to look in the long run and regular trimming can help you achieve this.

Not all branches of trees serve the tree as it grows, certain branches grow inwards starving themselves of sunlight and add nothing to the overall health of the tree.  Shaping and cutting your trees to your preference is relatively easy when started especially when you have an overall idea, how you want them to grow. with this in mind, they should be cut regularly similar to hedging, often the most well-maintained trees like hedging can be the healthiest and, in turn, the prettiest to view. 

Tree have both terminal and lateral growth where each branch will have a terminal bud at its end and lateral buds of growth to the sides for obvious reasons.  When these are left to grow too much in any direction you get a very imbalanced tree outline especially where the tree if fighting for light, then the amount of light will impact the shape of the tree and affect its lifespan.

Tree trimming and pruning and general care is in the interest of your tree as well as your safety and general wellbeing (assuming you enjoy the presence of beautiful trees).  Whatever your needs are in Dublin when it comes to tree care, we can trim, shape and prune your trees however you want us to and make sure its all cleared up with the minimum impact on you. 

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Tree Trimming & Pruning – Tips & Techniques

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