Stump Removal

stump grinding services 300When a tree is cut, you can be left with the stump which can be unappealing especially if you want to make better use of the ground. Sometimes it can even be a hazard especially if it obstructs walkways and access areas.

A very good tree removal company should remove them and include it in the job but if your left with them, or just acquired ground with tree stumps on them and want to remove them, you have more or less two options and they are full stump removal or to simply grind out the stump called stump grinding.

Full Stump Removal V’s Stump Grinding

A full stump removal of obvious reasons is the complete removal of the stump and a permeant solution but can be more expensive and can inconvenience you depending. The alternative is where the upper part of the stump is ground down below the surface of the ground and can be a cheaper option.

Stump grinding uses more specialised equipment that involves large rotating cutters that quickly grind and break the wood up into small fragments similar to bark mulch. This is a by-product that can be recycled and put back into your compost fertilising your remaining trees or plants. Stump grinding involves less disruption as there is little to no digging and soil disruption and as a result, is usually the preferred option but we provide a full service for both choices should you need.

Stump Grinding Costs

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As pointed out the grinding option is usually the cheaper option and prices will vary a lot depending on the size of the stump. Average costs are in around 200 Euro, now this is just an average cost, it can be as low as 80 Euro and as high as 800 Euro. Why this? The following are a list of the reasons why tree stump removal will vary:

Reasons for the variation in cost of Tree Stump Removal in Ireland

  • Type of Trees – some woods are of a harder wood and density of the wood can affect cutting and length of time on the job. Beach, and Oak can be an example of hard dense woods that require more time.
  • Size of Stump – larger stumps will obviously take longer and cost more.
  • Geographic Location – travel cost can affect the distance to job
  • Root System – older trees with more comprehensive root systems can have a large impact on how easily a root can be removed especially if you’re opting for a full removal.
  • Soil Condition – Dry Soil as well as clay soil can be more difficult than soft garden soil.
    Cleanup – the time to clean up and remove piles of sawdust after job is complete as well as soil management can impact the price of the job

Tree Removal QuoteHow to Remove a tree Stump

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