Our tree felling is carried out by our team of highly trained specialists and tree surgeons.  We have specialist equipment including cranes to remove large trees from any area large or small.  Methods we use for tree felling includes the following; hoist removal, rigging or straight tree felling.

Site clearance

We have the specialist equipment necessary for large-scale site clearance. 4×4 access to any area, our equipment is the most up to date, reliable with safety a priority at all times.  Whether your project is for wetland restoration, regeneration or clearance, we have the experience and the equipment to get the job done.

Wood chipping

Our onsite wood chipping service is an ideal way for you to manage waste and use the chippings to regenerate your garden or simply reduce the volume of waste from a site.  for dealing with any waste from your trees. In order to avoid excessive waste and destruction, we use a top of the range equipment which allows us to dispose of material more easily and more environmentally friendly.  This waste can be reused. 

Tree Surgery

if you have trees, then you need to take care of them and sometimes this means cutting and trimming Because trees need looking after when you have them, taking care of them will sometimes  mean cutting and trimming them throughout their lives.  Tree Surgery is required for the following: Safety, appearance, health and root overgrowth. 

Stump Grinding & Removal

We have specialised equipment in order to remove a stump quickly.  The most efficient method is  grinding the stump just below ground level.  Call us for a quote today.

Tree Removal QuoteWoodland management

We have significant experience of managing, clearing, regenerating and maintaining all sizes and types of rural land use areas, both privately and publicly owned.

Surveys & Consultancy

We offer services for jobs of any size, from remedial surgery, pruning and trimming hedges in the garden, to large commercial work.

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