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If you are looking for a tree care service in Dublin, you need to double your search efforts. If you thought that you can simply go with the company that pops up first in the search results, then you are wrong. Tree removal is a technical task, and it needs to be handled by a professional and experienced company. You definitely dread hiring a tree removal service that will leave your tree in bad shape, so think about it—think about finding a Dublin tree care service that will not disappoint you. Here are some essentials that you need to factor in when hiring a tree service:

1. Check the credentials

A tree service without credentials is as good as nothing. Surprisingly, many people are still using the services of tree care services that don’t have the credentials. If you are to get the best services possible, you have to look for established companies and only hire those companies with proven track record. Don’t be tricked by companies that brand themselves as tree cutting professionals’ while all the have is a small amount of equipment. If possible, ask for references from people who are close to you, and follow up on them. Also, ensure that the tree service you are about to hire is insured and licensed. There are many dishonest companies out there, so don’t just take a company’s word for it—follow up!

2. Pricing

Apparently, there are many tree cutting companies, and it is pretty easy for one to get confused on which company to hire. Sorry to disappoint you, a company that charges the lowest price is not necessarily the best. Sometimes, cheap is expensive! Different companies charge prices based on different factors; however, most of these companies use tree heights and the amount of hours taken to arrive at a price to charge. To be on the safe side, be sure to get all the details about pricing from the company you intend to hire. 

3. Extras

When hiring a tree cutting company, find out whether they provide other services. Most tree companies, after cutting down your trees, will offer discounted prices to remove the stumps. Others will chip up the branches and either throw them away or leave them for you to put into use. So, why not find out if a tree company you intend to hire and offer these extra services? If they offer these services, then they’ll definitely give you some discounts.

Many countries are beginning to appreciate the services of tree care services, and Ireland is no exception. If you live in Dublin and you need the services of tree care professionals, then factor in the above essentials. 



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